Monday, August 7, 2017

2017 Service Learning Trip by Jayda Westerbur


I learned that I actually didn't realize how much more we have than the people we saw down in the cities. I also realized that you can change someone's day by just giving a simple smile or even saying hello.

My favorite part was going to Feed My Starving Children, because it was a good thing to do, and at the same time it was fun. We were packing food for the children in Haiti.

By doing this we are saving children's lives.

I wouldn't change anything about this trip. This trip was very heart touching and an eye- opener for me to know I am doing something to save children's lives, and go out in public and see what being really sick is like, and to see the homeless reaching out for the help they need. Thanks :) 

Jayda Westerbur

Virginia High School


Author: Anonym