Do you want to join YIA?

It's free to join and everybody is welcome! To find out when the next scheduled YIA meeting is at your school, you can contact your area YIA Program Coordinators, reach out to your YIA School Advisor, or contact the St. Louis County Extension department support staff for more information.


For 2021-2022 YIA Membership Enrollment Forms, Click HERE

View YIA's Code of Conduct HERE

YIA Program Coordinators: 

(North - Iron Range)

Taryn Burnett - 218-749-7119 -

Angela Zavodnik - 218-749-7114 -

(South - Duluth Area)

Tyler Erickson - 218-733-2870 -

Elise Rigney - 218-733-2870 -  



For In-School Advisors and their contact information, Click HERE



(North - Iron Range)

St. Louis County Extension Office - YIA

Virginia Government Services Center

201 S. 3rd Ave. W.

Virginia, MN 55792

Main Office # - 218-749-7120

Office Support Staff - Sarah Westerberg

Direct - 218-471-7598

(South - Duluth Area)

St. Louis County Extension Office - YIA

A.P. Cook Building

2503 Rice Lake Road

Duluth, MN 55811

Main Office # - 218-733-2870


We look forward to meeting you!