Where it all began...



 The Vision

Supported by St. Louis County Commissioners Mike Forsman and Steve Raukar, Liz Prebich worked with the PARTNERS board - representatives of numerous schools and cities - to create a youth organization that would reach out to Iron Range students, schools, and communities.




Iron Range Youth in Action (IRYA) was established in 1996 by St. Louis County Commissioner Liz Prebich and the PARTNERS board. Liz envisioned youth across Northeastern St. Louis County active in their communities, using their voices in public policy and civic engagement on a very large scale.




In 2017, the program expanded to high schools in the Duluth area of South St. Louis County and became known as Youth in Action (YIA).



Liz Prebich





In 2019, YIA welcomed ERATS, Floodwood High School, and Harbor City International Charter school to the program, making us present in 19 St. Louis County schools! Covid-19 saw a few of the programs take a step back as in-person activities haulted. We are picking back up where we left off now and are hoping for a more "normal" '21-'22 school year!