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  • YIA Code of Conduct Summary: Participants will:

    1. Accept responsibility for representing themselves, YIA and St. Louis County with dignity and pride.
    2. Be punctual for scheduled activities, participating fully in planned activities, and exhibit good sportsmanship.
    3. Refrain from leaving the location of the event during the event, unless written permission from the parent or legal guardian is given to the event adult chaperone prior to the leave.
    4. Refrain from the use of and/or possession of alcoholic beverages and illegal controlled substances at all times.
    5. Refrain from use of and/or possession of nicotine, tobacco and mood-altering substances at all times.
    6. Refrain from disruptive and/or inappropriate behavior and clothing.
    7. Recognize the rights of others with respect to noise, language, and conduct, to avoid hurting or intimidating others physically and/or emotionally.
    8. Respect the property of others, including clothing, personal items, equipment, and facilities. (Damage to property will be billed to families where members are implicated.)
    9. Refrain from the possession and/or use of any weapon(s).
    10. Refrain from use of vehicles for personal reasons while participating in YIA events/activities.
    11. Refrain from sexually inappropriate behavior.
    12. Abide by additional rules, procedures, and policies relating to specific activities or events established for that program.

    In addition to the above items, participants in YIA overnight activities will: 1. Sleep in the designated areas. 2. Be in the designated sleeping area by the stated curfew hour and stay for the balance of the night.